Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Vaca

It's official.  I'm on Summer Vacation. 

I work for the school district and have summers off.  It kicks a@@.  Majorly.

The past week and a half of "free time" has been full of business.

 I'm having a party and have a ton of details to work out. 

I volunteered to help my son's class go on a field trip as well as in the classroom, as my awesome mother-in-law taught them about geology.

We needed our trees trimmed and had some fabulous guys take care of that.  We got a new Boxer puppy and have been like parents of a newborn, waking multiple times a night to let him roam the yard,.  (I will be very grateful when he is big enough to go throught the doggie door.)  Our other doggie contracted a hematoma following his neutoring and needed extra care.   I did an "extreme home makeover" for our best friend and spent today at a dear friends' baby shower, followed by a gathering at my neighbor's house, as she just lost her grandmother and we needed to come and drink with her.

I have not yet had a "down day" and won't until my 40th bday bash has come and gone. 

That's ok.  I sign on for the chaos and have to pay the piper.  I like over-activity and relish the days of non-commmitment that are coming my way in the near future.

I just finished watching "The Tourist."  I rented it on June 3rd, my bday, because it starred Johnny Depp and I have been obsessed with this man since 1987, or so, (since I was 16, owned my own tv and "21 JumpStreet" was on Sunday nights.)  Purrr.  This man makes my day, no matter what role he plays.  Didn't get a chance to watch it before it was due, so we burned it and it has been waiting until I had 1 1/2 hours to burn.  I watched it in two parts today and wasn't disappointed. 

Grrr.  Purrr.  Sigh.
Add Angelina Jolie and need I say anything more?!?  It was a good movie, filled with hyper-gorgeous people and a plot line I could follow.  Good stuff.

The days ahead are already filled.  Get my son to a friends' house for swim day, then to my bro's for a few days of "guy time."

Book chairs, tables and umbrellas for the party.  Make sure the caricature artist knows the hours we want him here for and find out his rate.  Remind the karaoke guy about the party and make sure he isn't double-booked.  Go to Costco and gather party necessities.  Go to Albertson's for the rest.  Obsessively clean things that haven't been cleaned in years.  There are people coming to this party who have never been to my house.  It's gotta look good.  And who knows what unexpected events will transpire?!?  Expect the unexpected has become my motto.

Sorry if you feel the above was disjointed ramblings.  It's 10:52 p.m. and I have had a full day of friends and parties.  It's all good!  Been awhile since I blogged, so I felt it's past due.  (I won't mention the numerous books stacked by my side, read and ready to be reviewed.  All in good time.)

Thanks for listenintg and enjoy your summer!!!