Why I created a blog?

Well, to be honest, sometimes I just feel like sharing what's going on inside my head. At the beginning of the year, my friend and co-worker (and boss), Dennis Smith, suggested I blog. I had never really contemplated it before, but the idea took root and here we are. I journal, but since I rarely invite people to read it and I usually only write while spewing emotions or quoting books, it is not really how people can get to know me. I've been thinking about those journals lately. What will I do with the reams of paper I have been venting to since jr. high? Burn them eventually? Proofread and publish them? Not likely. Let them languish until after I die and then, who cares who reads them (if they can decipher my writing!) For now, they reside in a dark closet, one spiral bound notebook joining the group every so often. My latest journal has a gorgeous red cover and has been my thought's companion since June. I am nearing the end of it and everytime I write, I dwell on the need for a new one soon. But for now, I blog!